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The Life Satisfaction Assessment is a great tool to help measure how good your life is and to identify what needs attention in order to achieve a greater quality of life in the future.

The first step in living a flourishing lifestyle is understanding where you are right now. How do you feel about each of the twelve dimensions of your life? What is strong and what needs some support? What do you really want, why do you want it, how will you get it, and what beliefs do you hold that might be getting in your way? 

The assessment takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and helps you create tailored actionable steps on the most important area of life that will help you flourish. I'm excited to hear about your experience with it. 


I would love to discuss your results with you and help you take action towards a more flourishing life. ​


You can book a free 30-minute no-obligation consultation with me here

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