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Regenerative Mastermind Group Meets Online on the First Mondays of the Month

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

6:00 - 7:00 PM EST on the first Monday of the Month.

Go to Upcoming Events to Register for the next Online Regenerative Mastermind

Get inspiration, ideas, and support overcoming your obstacles to take action and create a more regenerative, sustainable, and resilient world for yourself and your community.

Do you want to connect with others who are working to re-envision and re-design what they do to live more regeneratively, in a way that both heals the Earth and creates a more resilient, higher quality of life for you? We focus on action, what we are doing and can do to help be a part of a community working towards solutions. How can we engage in meaningful dialogue on climate? What can we do in our own circles to build resiliency and our ability to quickly bounce back from adversity?

"What if, instead, the story we tell about climate change is that it is an opportunity? One for humans to repair our relationship with the Earth and re-envision our societies in ways that are not just keeping with our ecosystems but also make our lives better? If this doesn’t sound possible, ask yourself: why not? Once upon a time, some humans told a story about their relationship to the Earth, and they used it to build a world that was beautiful but flawed. Over time, people realized that was the wrong story and they constructed a new one, one that said they could live in harmony with their environment. And they used the pieces of their old story to help construct their new one.” - Excerpt from All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis Your host and coach: Jen Andreani - Permaculture Designer, Inner Resilience Coach, Holistic Life Design Teacher

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