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I took the Lifebook course to firm up my life vision in retirement. The course did much more for me than expected. I learned how to pay attention to my feelings and use it as a guide for what I wanted to do. It was great working with Jen because she is into sustainability and permaculture like me and gave me some great tools and resources to help me meet my goals. It was absolutely worth the time and money. It gave me clarity and focus that will help me get what I want out of my life going forward. I am already working on different aspects of my life that I had not considered, like improving my social life and reducing clutter in my surroundings. Jen gave me some very helpful advice in these areas.

Diane W.

Testimonials: Testimonials

LifeBook with Jen was such a great experience. Having the accountability and guidance from Jen and the rest of my cohort gave me the focus needed to evaluate my current life and create an achievable vision for my life to come. I am already seeing a return on investment in many areas of my life. Jen does a wonderful job guiding the course, and helping participants realize their life vision and the beliefs needed to get there.

Heather H.

mom reading book.jfif

It's nice to learn from someone that is passionate about what they teach.  Jen has learned firsthand what a great tool Lifebook is and shares her experiences and wins that she's made utilizing Lifebook.  The challenges she's had in the past are no more.  She's a very motivating and inspiring teacher that leads the way for others to map out their wishes and desires that will help them achieve their ideal life goals.

Sandra G.

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